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I’m so annoyed and frustrated with how my church treats the teens and youth I work with. They simply use them for when they need something cleaned but are never there for them. It’s frustrating to see that one day they might want to leave the church because of no support.

It’s frustrating that the adults that do work with the teens bail on them or are inconsistent. My teens notice that and feel it. They feel upset about those things and vent to me about it. What do you say to a 15 year old who says “I don’t look up to them anymore because now I see who they really are”

How am I expected to lead them, be the only adult whose consistent with them and try to keep them in the church?

I know God is calling me to this and maybe that’s why I haven’t left this church, but something’s gotta give.

I’m more angry at the people letting down this generation and it’s making it harder to forgive and forget.

I’m disliking you more and more. It’s getting harder to pray through this